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Reflection Grip and Lighting Equipment India/Nepal (Sale / Rental Service). We offer QUALITY WORK & GOOD SERVICES for our clients in India & Nepal. Our price are always competitive compared with other suppliers :)........ Selling Products : Grid Cloth Diffusion, Chimera Cloth Diffusion, Silver Cloth, Golden Cloth.......... Combo Stand (Reflector Stand), Low Boy Stand, Baby Light Stand, C Clamp, Cardillini Clamp, C Stand, Polly Holder, Jumbo Stand, Sand Bag, Stand Adapter (Nipple) Grip Head......... Arri Lighting, Kino flo, Dedo Kit, Joker Bug, Kobold Lighting, Panther Dolly, jimmy Jib, Chimera Lighting etc

  • T-456, Chirag Delhi
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